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Access anuntapped lucrative user base

Brand safe advertising with 100% visibility

Gamification is the strategic attempt to enhance systems, services, organizations, and activities to create similar experiences to those experienced when playing games to motivate and engage users.


Today, gamification is a method used by many businesses to educate, encourage, and engage users and audiences. In the world of modern advertising, it is used by brands who want to encourage users to opt into advertising while rewarding them for their time in a seamless and subtle manner. 


The main purpose of this ad type is to deliver brand messaging in a seamless way while catering to the most basic of human cravings:  affirmation, reward, and recognition. The Brands that effectively trigger these emotions can create and deliver advertising that is both memorable and impactful with consumers.

holding controller.webp
Playing Games


Canadians actively gaming


Canadians that view gaming as
mainstream entertainment


Weekly time spent by
Canadians gaming on mobile

Canadians love to game

Gamification: A diverse opportunity for brands

Gamification presents brands with intuitive targeting opportunities that put ads in front of an audience ho loves to game and has more purchase influence than non-gamers.​


More likely than non-gamer to have purchase influence on friends, family, or colleagues


Female Gamers:
Most likely to influence people when it comes to dining out, groceries, and clothing


Male Gamers:
Most likely to influence people when it comes to tech, entertainment subscriptions, mobile services providers

Mobile Phone

Gamers are Receptive to advertising

Gamers are more likely to purchase from brands that are tied to ads they like. They are also most likely to use ads as a way to keep up to date with products and services and tend to associate great advertising with high-quality brands.

With gamification, advertisers can create a custom playable ad unit that rewards consumers with a memorable, fun and engaging ad experience.


Mobile app users play games


gaming apps are evenly split between male and female users

Reach & Engage
Advertisers can use playable ad units to reach and engage 


tv game.webp

Build custom playable ads that engage 



The premium solution for ad delivery across an exclusive ecosystem of app environments



Advertiser friendly technology that is unaffected by ad-block tech or fraudulent bots and driven by customer opt-ins



Creative is tracked and tagged and delivered across 100% brand safe and viewable inventory



Target demographics by game, genre, audience, language and more

Playable ads create an interactive and memorable experience that is scalable authentic and proven to be effective.


They have many advantages over other ad formats but are the most effective in a world where consumer time on mobile increases every day.

Ready to get started?

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