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Livestream advertising & endorsements 

Reach a large community of connected gamers
across Canada

Connect with participant and spectator gamers


Esports and spectator gaming is growing in Canada and globally


40% of Canadian gamers participate in game streaming

With livestream advertising and endorsements, brands in Canada can connect with both gamers who actively participate and those who like to sit back and watch.


41% of adults participate in livestream gaming


46% of kids and teens participate in livestream gaming


Get around desktop ad blockers with livestream advertising

In-stream live advertising solves the ad block problem by directly integrating animations and banners within the livestream that gamers and game spectators are watching. 

Ad management ensures delivery is completed in a 100% brand safe and

ad-block free environment.


63% of esports viewers use
ad-block technology


Ad-block technology prevents pre-roll and mid-roll ads on livestreams

Creating in-stream live advertising

Livestream ads

Livestream ad management





30-second in-stream animations (cost per view)

30-second animated clickable link

Fully managed service


Brand uplift study opportunity





Roster of 800+ streamers around the globe

Recruitment and management of streamers

Strict streamer compliance to ensure objectives are met

100% brand safe and 100% viewable

Livestream endorsements

Get your target audience's favourite livestream personality to help connect your brand to the gaming community.






Brand and product endorsement opportunities

Cost per view

Streamers create content focussed around your brand and product

Non-intrusive seamless advertising

Image by Fredrick Tendong

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