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Meet Khadeja…

Apex Gaming Network's resident social media marketer and your Gen Z guide to everything mobile and in app advertising. 


When she’s not translating the big wide world of in-app advertising into social media terms, she’s scrolling through Tik Tok to find the next trend to get (read: drag) her team to participate in. 


Khadeja dipped her toes in the social media marketing waters back in 2019 - what started as a part time gig has now become a full time career. She’s since helped brands build unique identities on social media to have their voices heard by thousands of users. 


But she’s just one of many key players on Apex mobile media’s all star team, click here to discover team APEX

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Glued to your phone? You might want to know this:

There’s a high chance that you’re reading this on your phone - and you’re not in the minority.


There are 31 million smartphone users in Canada alone. 


Canadians spend an average of 4.2 hours per day using apps on their phones.


Canadians now spend more time on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices than they do sitting in front of the TV (or anything else really) . And the amount of smartphone and mobile app users is only going to increase. 


Which is why brands are changing their marketing and advertising strategies to catch up with changing consumer habits…

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Brands, listen up.

That’s 31 million people your brand could be reaching and a 4.2 hour window of time to reach them.


Today, the best brands in Canada have adopted a mobile first approach to meet new and existing customers on the devices they can’t live without and in the apps that they trust and love the most.

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What this means for YOU

If there’s a mobile app that you really love and don’t have to pay for, guess what?


That app is most likely free because it’s ad supported. 


If you’re going to see ads on the apps you love most, why not learn how that works and how that’s only going to grow?

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