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We Put Brands in
Premium Game Environments

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Get access to the largest amount of monthly active users across all ages, backgrounds, and demographics

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Advertise in Next-Gen Ad Environments Today

APEX Gaming Network puts brands inside popular game titles that are enjoyed by millions of Canadians across all ages and backgrounds on mobile, console, desktop, and live stream environments. We do this by partnering with the best in-game advertising publishers and ad-tech partners in the world

It’s not a gaming strategy | It's an audience strategy

Icon showing 53% of Canadians play video games regularly

of Canadians play video games regularly

Icon showing Canadians spend 7.9 hours their week gaming

hours spent in-game per week by Canadians

Icon showing the 51%-49% split of female-male gamers in canada

split of female and male gamers in Canada

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APEX Gaming Network is Canada’s Leader in Innovative In-Game Ad Types 

Be first to market across the popular gaming platforms of today and tomorrow like the mobile, and the metaverse with APEX Gaming Network

AGN In-Game Audio - P&G
AGN In-Game Audio McDonald's
AGN In-Game Audio Quebec Elections
AGN In-Game Audio Telus Quebec
APEX Gaming Network CEO Walder Amaya | Pocket Gamer Connects Toronto 2023
In-game advertising VLOG | Episode 1: Banking & Fintech
In-game advertising VLOG | Episode 2: Media & Entertainment
In-game advertising VLOG | Episode 1: Banking & Fintech
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An In-Game Product Line-Up that gives Brands the Advantage Across All Gaming Genres

Brands that are advertising in-game are taking advantage of a largely untapped market and connecting with this audience across multiple formats using non-intrusive advertising

Out of Home
  • Ready for any browser, OS and device type

  • Accurate and actionable metrics, with ad server integrations

  • Roblox and MineHut 

  • Target PC, mobile and console users

  • Reach 14M mobile gamers

  • Target sound-on only devices

  • Target PC, mobile and console users with 100% opt-in advertising

  • High CTR’s and completion rates

  • 100% opt-in advertising in premium game environments

  • Consumer-centric optimization & media approach

Live Ads
  • Advertise across Twitch, YouTube, Facebook gaming and partner with popular content creators

  • Free from ad-block technology

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APEX GAMING NETWORK is the leading bespoke in-game advertising solution for brands in Canada looking to connect with gamers using 100% viewable and brand safe advertising

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Get to the APEX of In-Game Advertising

The Future

of Advertising

is In-Game

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