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Cloud Gaming Advertising

Be at the forefront of the next digital revolution in gaming

Advertise on the World's Largest Video Games

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Engage Audiences In a Way That
Nobody Ever Has

Cloud Gaming Advertising works by integrating advertisements within cloud-based video games, transcending device types and seamlessly reaching gamers on their favourite free and paid game titles 

Cloud Gaming allows brands to reach a rapidly growing number of gamers that usually cannot be reached elsewhere with high quality, engaging and tailored ads 

  • Premium game titles

(Fortnite, Dota2, Rocket League etc)

  • Fullscreen video ads

  • Multiple screen types

  • High VCR (avg 95%)

  • Long form gaming sessions

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Connected TV



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How Cloud Gaming
Advertising Works

  • Become an exclusive partner in Canada for the first ever ad-supported tier in Cloud Gaming

  • Connect with a broader audience on the world's largest video game titles

  • minutes of ad space per user session to reduce or even eliminate wait times across 1800+ AAA premium titles

  • Slash wait times for cloud play and turn lobbies in positive branded moments 

  • Turn waiting into playing by rewarding gamers with non-intrusive ads during key moments with pre-roll ads

  • These brand moments provide a valuable, interruption free experience that gamers appreciate, setting the stage for impactful brand connections

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The Cloud Gaming Opportunity
across 1800+ AAA titles
A collection of game titles that cloud gaming advertisers can be placed on
33% of Cloud Gamers Cannot Be Reached with TV/Streaming

Of Cloud Gamers Cannot Be Reached with TV/Streaming

There are over 300m global cloud gaming users

Global Cloud
Gaming Users

The cloud gaming market volume is predicted to be over $25bn by 2009

Predicted Market Volume by 2029

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Challenges Solved By Cloud Gaming

Not able to reach the right gamers or new audiences?
Challenges with creative limitations and targeting?
Stuck with limited and sub-par inventory?

Get in touch to start your next cloud gaming advertisement campaign with AGN

An example of a cloud gaming ad being run on League of Legends
A sample of how cloud gaming ads work on Nvidia Geforce Now

Ready To Start Advertising in Cloud Gaming?

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