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We are Canada’s Gateway to Metaverse Advertising

 APEX Gaming Network places brands inside some of the biggest titles in the metaverse

Advertising in the Metaverse

The metaverse is more than just a place where Canadians go to play

The metaverse is taking virtual experiences to new levels and presents brands with an opportunity to engage audiences in 2D and 3D worlds that are being used for play, media consumption, and socializing

Icon showing a live stream screen for entertainment


Icon showing controller for gaming


Icon showing messages and notifications for social


Characteristics of The Metaverse



Fully Functioning Economy with Digital Currency, NFTs or Cryptocurrency

Fully Functional and


Open and Shared World Through Decentralization

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Active Engagement is Becoming More Popular
with Every New Generation

Hours per day spent on Active vs Passive Engagement

Bar chart showing hours per day spent on Active vs Passive Engagement

4.5 hours per day

per person

4.3 hours per day

per person

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Gaming as a Platform for Entertainment

How brands are advertising in the metaverse

Icon showing live music concert

Live Music Concerts

Icon showing a shoe for fashion


Icon showing movies

Movie Viewings

Product Awareness

Icon showing sports equipment

Pro Sports Content

Icon showing a megaphone for brand awareness

Brand Awareness

APEX Gaming Network puts brands in the metaverse with virtual out of home advertising across multiple high traffic gaming platforms and environments. These seamlessly blended advertisements are placed into games on mobile, and home console using virtual out of home video and static placements

Sample of an AGN VOOH in game billboard
Sample of an AGN VOOH video billboard
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Virtual Out of Home Advertising

Dynamic in-game real estate in the metaverse

Ads Displayed in Maximum Quality for All Users

Certified for All Major Ad Networks

Programmatic, I/O Accurate and Actionable Metrics

Minimal load-time for video and static ads

Minimal Carbon


No File Size


Browser, OS and Device Type Agnostic

Ready to Enter the Metaverse?

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