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Advertising with Rewarded Video

See how APEX Gaming Network delivers value exchange advertising across mobile, PC and console

Give your audience a reason to engage
with your ad

AGN Sample of In-Game Rewarded Video

What is Rewarded Video Advertising?

Rewarded video advertising is a video advertising ad type that uses incentive in its strategy. In gaming, this ad type provides a reward to the user for watching an ad during a game break

  • 100% SOV Moments

  • High CTRs and Completion Rates

  • 100% Opt In

  • 90% Video Completion Rate

  • Advertise on premium game inventory

  • 2.1% clickthrough rate

Icon showing computer for pc rewarded video


Icon showing smartphone for mobile rewarded video


Icon showing controller for console rewarded video


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How Rewarded Video
Advertising Works

Rewarded Video on Mobile
AGN Sample of In-Game Rewarded Video on Mobile
Rewarded Video on Console/Desktop
AGN Sample of In-Game Rewarded Video on Console/Desktop
  • Tracked and tagged creative

  • Free from ad-block technology

  • Target mobile users

  • 6-30 second video ad

  • Tracked and tagged creative

  • Free from ad-block technology

  • Target PC and/or console users

  • 6-30 second video ads

  • Reach adult audiences 18-35

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Problems Solved by Rewarded Video Advertising
Without Rewarded Video
With Rewarded Video
Icon showing X for ignored videos
Icon showing arrow down for low clickthrough rates
Icon showing X for difficult engagement
Icon showing users paying attention to rewarded videos
Icon showing high clickthrough rates
Icon showing arrow up for increased engagement with rewarded video

Videos can be ignored and forgotten

Low clickthrough rates are commonplace

Engagement is more difficult to achieve

Video ads are no longer ignored and forgotten

High clickthrough rates after the video

Increased engagement with 100% opt in

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Reward Gamers for their Attention

APEX Gaming Network puts makes your videos unignorable with rewarded video advertising

Icon showing 100% opt in advertising for rewarded video

Avoid wasted ad spend by connecting with gamers who choose to engage with ads

Icon showing 90% completion rates for In-game rewarded video

Get higher CTRs with rewards for audiences in exchange for their attention to your ad

Icon showing 100 ad visibility for in-game rewarded video

Ensuring your ads are by providing an incentive to your audiences

for their time

Ready To Capture Authentic Attention
From Your Audiences?

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