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AGN Kids and Youth

Reach kids and youth responsibly in brand safe environments

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Kids and youth friendly advertising benchmarks

viewability icon

80%+ Viewability

video completion icon

75%+ VCR

engagement icon

10%+ Engagement

COPPA Compliant and Kid Safe Certifications

The ultimate solution for reaching kid and youth audiences

AGN kids is the place for advertisers in Canada to reach kid and youth audiences in a completely safe way that enables advertisers to connect with these audiences through ads while protecting children and adhering to children’s advertising policies. 

Our zero-data approach for personalized information has been developed by our exclusive partner network which ensures that all traffic remains anonymous and complies with GDPR-K, COPPA regulations and is Kid safe certified. 

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Brand safe and secure inventory

Scaled inventory made accessible through truly compliant integrations with trusted publishers

Image showing AGN Kids and Youth Advertising Sample
Image showing AGN Kids and Youth Advertising Samples
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Deliver ads in 100% brand safe environments 
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Connected TV

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Keep your brand safe from

Icon showing no fake news

Fake News

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Icon showing no hate speech

Hate Speech

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Reaching kid and youth audiences with AGN kids

Aggregated anonymous metrics allowed include:




Contextual Targeting

Device Targeting

Geo Targeting

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Next level brand experiences designed for kids and youth

Icon showing game portals


Game Portals

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100% Brand Safe Kid &

Youth Friendly Environments

Icon showing game titles


Game Titles

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animated, interactive

Icon showing time spent gaming on mobile

8 hrs/week

spent gaming on mobile

Icon showing GDPR and COPPA compliant shield


COPPA compliant

Icon showing lifeline for active gaming domains


Active Domains

Icon showing ad to denote ad types like Display, pre roll, interstitial, in-game, rewarded video etc

Display, pre-roll, interstitial,

in-game, rewarded, skins/reachmedia

Ready to reach kids and youth responsibly in brand safe environments?

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