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Gamification and Rich Media

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What is Gamification?

Gamification is a seamless and strategic form of in-game advertising that rewards audiences for opting into watching a video advertisement

The main purpose of this ad type is to deliver brand messaging while catering to the most basic of human cravings:  affirmation, reward, and recognition. 

With APEX Gaming Network, brands can effectively trigger these emotions to create and deliver advertising that is both memorable and impactful with audiences

Step 1:

User sees a prompt during a non-intrusive game break to unlock or receive a reward for opting in to watching a video advertisement

Step 2:

User makes a decision and opts-in and watches a video advertisement

Step 3:

The video ad is completed, and the user receives an offer from the advertiser before returning to the game

Gamification Results

Higher Interaction Rates

Increased Conversions

Higher Clickthrough Rates

View Rates

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How Gamification Works
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Problems Solved by Gamification
Without Gamification
With Gamification
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100% Responsive Ads

Low Clickthrough 

Higher Completion Rates

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Non Responsive

Higher Conversion Rates


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Gamification: A Diverse Opportunity

Gamification presents brands with intuitive targeting opportunities that put ads in front of an audience that loves to game and who have a larger purchase influence than non-gamers

Completion Rates

Get your message out effectively with ads that audiences want to engage with

Clickthrough Rate

Create ads that users see value in and take action on


Reach gamers that are enjoying games in both vertical and landscape videos

Build Custom Playable
Ads That Engage

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