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APEX Gaming Network is Connecting Brands with Gamers Across
Premium Game Environments

Discover how your brand can connect with gamers on mobile, console, desktop and live stream platforms

APEX Gaming Network Advertises on the Most Advanced In-Game Inventory

Create a unique and positive brand experience with seamless non-intrusive advertisement that puts the gamer experience first

In-game advertising puts brands inside popular game titles that are enjoyed by millions of Canadians across all ages and backgrounds on mobile, console and desktop

In-game ads come in multiple formats and can be integrated directly into the game in a
non-intrusive manner

Advertisers who leverage in-game advertising are taking advantage of a large untapped market

Virtual Out of Home

Rewarded Video



In-Game Audio

In-Stream Live Ads

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Why Advertise In-Game?

We believe the future of all media and
non-media experiences will be in-game

Gaming is the platform where audiences are going to for both media and non-media experiences

  • 53% of Canadians play video games regularly

  • Canadians average 7.9 hours of play per week

  • The average age of Canadian gamers is 34

  • 51/49 split between female and male gamers

  • Reach a diverse audience that transcends age, sex, background

  • 35% of gamers spend more time gaming this year than last

Gaming requires more focus than any other media type and has become a place where users go to do more than just play. Today gaming, is a social experience where gamers are spending up to 5 hours each week gaming, attending events, and socializing with other users

Capture Authentic Attention

100% SOV


Create a unique/positive brand experience


Non Invasive


Premium Inventory

High CTR & Completions

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Brand Safe and Worry Free Advertising

APEX Gaming Network only advertises on certified, accurate, and premium environments with 100% visibility



The premium solution for ad delivery across an exclusive ecosystem of gaming environments



Advertiser friendly technology that is unaffected by ad-block tech or fraudulent bots



Creative is tracked and tagged and delivered across 100% brand safe and viewable inventory



Target demographics by game, genre, audience, language

and more

AGN is the leading bespoke in-game advertising solution for brands in Canada looking
to connect with gamers

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