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In-Game Audio Advertising

Reaching audiences with in-game audio

Drive Engagement & Ad-Recall With Audio

What is In-Game Audio Advertising?

In-game audio advertising enables brands to connect with gamers without interrupting gameplay by using the power of audio across a network of popular gaming apps on mobile

Reach 14 Million Active Mobile Users in Canada

Target Sound-On

Only Devices

Audio Ad +

Companion Banner

Granular Targeting

Opportunities Available

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How In-Game Audio Advertising Works

  • Closable

  • Mutable

  • Quartile Listened To

  • Accessible Metrics

  • Clickable

  • Closable

  • Full Gameplay Control

  • Sound On/Off

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Problems Solved by In-Game Audio
Without In-Game Audio
With In-Game Audio
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Inability to Reach Large/New Audiences

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Wasted Ad Dollars on Radio/Digital Audio

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Waiting for a Game Break
to Insert
an Ad

Target Audiences Using Visual
and Audio

Target only sound-on

Avail of
Granular Targeting

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In-Game Audio Advertising:
The Link Between Brand and Consumer

Reduce the negative impact of ad insertion and
drive engagement and ad recall

Connect with gamers using their preferred method of receiving advertising

Connect with a large percentage of gamers that already have sound

on while playing games

Drive engagement and ad recall with an audience that favours sound

on during gameplay

Ready To Start Your First In-Game Audio Ad?

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