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Drive Engagement & Ad-Recall With Audio

Reaching audiences with in-game audio

What is In-Game Audio Advertising?

In-game audio advertising enables brands to connect with gamers without interrupting gameplay by using the power of audio across a network of popular gaming apps on mobile

AGN In-Game Audio - P&G
AGN In-Game Audio McDonald's
AGN In-Game Audio Telus Quebec
AGN In-Game Audio Quebec Elections

Reach 14 Million Active Mobile Users in Canada

Target Sound-On

Only Devices

Audio Ad +

Companion Banner

Granular Targeting

Opportunities Available

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How In-Game Audio Advertising Works

Image showing samples of AGN in game audio ads
  • Closable

  • Mutable

  • Quartile Listened To

  • Accessible Metrics

  • Clickable

  • Closable

  • Full Gameplay Control

  • Sound On/Off

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Problems Solved by In-Game Audio
Without In-Game Audio
With In-Game Audio
Icon showing X

Inability to Reach Large/New Audiences

Icon showing arrow down

Wasted Ad Dollars on Radio/Digital Audio

Icon showing X
Icon showing video and audio ads

Waiting for a Game Break
to Insert
an Ad

Target Audiences Using Visual
and Audio

Icon showing only sound-on devices being targeted

Target only sound-on

Icon showing accurate targeting

Avail of
Granular Targeting

AGN Site Backgrounds (2).png

In-Game Audio Advertising:
The Link Between Brand and Consumer

Reduce the negative impact of ad insertion and
drive engagement and ad recall

Icon showing 73% gamers play with sound on

Connect with gamers using their preferred method of receiving advertising

Icon showing 67% gamers prefer audio advertising

Connect with a large percentage of gamers that already have sound

on while playing games

Icon showing 61% of gamers listen to music while gaming

Drive engagement and ad recall with an audience that favours sound

on during gameplay

Ready To Start Your First In-Game Audio Ad?

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