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In-Game Advertising White Papers

Learn all about in-game advertising by downloading any of our free in-game advertising information documents below. 

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Ad-Supported Cloud Gaming

Dive into the future of in-game advertising with our essential eBook on cloud gaming, Ad-Supported Cloud Gaming: Unlocking the Next Level of In-Game Advertising  🎮

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of digital advertising. Download your copy now and level up your in-game advertising strategy!

in-game audio ads whitepaper AGN

In-Game Audio

Learn how in-game audio advertising is linking brands with consumers and how it drives better engagement and recall. 

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Gaming Influencers and why they matter

Gaming influencers are emerging as the promotional pioneers of the influencer marketing community! ! 🎮✨

Through this eBook, we dive deeper to explore the dynamic world of gaming influencers - the new frontier in digital promotion.

gamification whitepaper AGN


Learn how you can access an untapped lucrative user base with 100% brand safe and visible playable ads that engage and drive action from consumers.

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In-Game Advertising 2022 

Download this in-game advertising document and learn about why it is so important, the types of in-game advertising available and how they work to effectively connect and engage with consumers of all ages.

in-game livestream advertising whitepaper AGN

Live streaming

Learn how live stream advertisements, and endorsements help your brand reach a community of connected gamers.

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