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APEX Gaming Network Webinar

The modern advertising opportunity is in-game

Gaming is home to over 3 billion unique users world-wide that are enjoying their favourite game titles on multiple devices. In Canada, the gaming community is made up of 23 million Canadians and advertisers are taking notice to the attention, time spent, and interaction that gaming is generating across gamers of all ages, gender and background.


With more time being spent in-game than ever before, many advertisers are taking the plunge into marketing to new audiences in 3d interactive worlds and landscapes that have never been explored before in the world of advertising like they have today.

Join us on this upcoming webinar and learn why gaming is the modern advertising opportunity that brands across many verticals are leveraging and why your brand should strongly consider building a presence in-game. Hear from our panel and discover the different in-game ad-types, best practices, and use-cases for brands in the world of gaming.

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