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Banking & Fintech

Fintech is 'banking'
on your phone

If you landed on this page, chances are that you do most of your banking on your smartphone.


Financial services and fintech companies are ‘banking’ on your phone too. Not literally, but they are counting on the fact that most consumers are active mobile users.




These brands are following customers where they’re most active and likely to pay attention: in apps on smartphones.

Smartphone user engaging with financial services on their phone

Here's the situation

Smartphone user spending time engaged in their mobile games

With a growing number of gamers worldwide and the popularity of free-to-play games, fintech and financial services are taking notice of the reach that in-game advertising presents.


53% of Canadians game regularly, with an average of 7.9 hours each week. The growth and popularity of gaming makes in-game advertising optimal for reaching a diverse audience across mobile gaming apps.


Don’t get the hype? Click here to explore why in-game advertising is worth the investment.

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