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IAB Webinar

Our Community Uninterrupted: Marketing to Gamers in Canada and the opportunity for brands

This year (2022) the global video games market is estimated to hit $197 billion, and it accounts for 56.6% of the digital media market making it the biggest segment within digital media with a projected compound annual growth rate of 12.1% by 2027.

Today, marketing to gamers in Canada can simply no longer be ignored as it provides an opportunity for marketers to reach millions of Canadian gamers across all ages, gender, and background and more importantly; it provides an opportunity for gamers to interact with both their favourite in-game characters and the real-world brands they love inside 3D environments.

Join us on this upcoming webinar and discover how APEX Gaming Network is connecting brands with gamers across mobile, desktop, and console gaming platforms using new and exciting in-game advertising tactics that are paving the way for the future metaverse.


  • Chris Lombardi, President & Co-Founder, APEX Gaming Network

  • Alex Ginn, Global VP of Partner Sales, Adverty

  • Arda Genc, CEO and Founder, Livad Technologies

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