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The Evolving Landscape of Console Gaming and Audience Segmentation

Console gaming is undergoing a transformative phase, reshaping our understanding of entertainment and the dynamics of audience engagement. 

In this blog, I’m diving into the latest trends that highlight the significant changes and innovative approaches in console gaming and audience segmentation in 2024.

The Rise of Gaming as a Dominant Entertainment Form

In recent years, gaming has transcended its traditional boundaries, becoming a mainstream form of entertainment. This shift is not just limited to the gaming community; it's influencing how advertisers connect with their audiences. Platforms like Roblox are gradually replacing traditional social channels, offering unique opportunities for engagement and community building.

Roblox users gathering around video ad created by AGN

Console Gaming and Audience Segmentation

2024 has seen big console players like Sony and Microsoft taking in-game advertising seriously. This shift is a response to the high costs associated with game production and the need for additional revenue streams. These developments result in more console and PC titles incorporating in-game advertising, making it a norm in gaming environments.

Moreover, there's an increasing focus on audience segmentation. Advertisers are now more sophisticated in targeting and segmenting their audience within games, ensuring that their messages reach the most relevant and engaged segments. This precision is crucial in an industry that is becoming more diverse and inclusive, encompassing players from every culture, generation, race, and background.

Statistics showing that gaming is an untapped opportunity in the advertising world today

Gaming Engines: Beyond Gaming

One of the most exciting developments in 2024 is the use of gaming engines beyond traditional gaming. These engines are now employed to create realistic 3D experiences for films, TV shows, and other media, expanding the possibilities of storytelling and audience engagement. An example of this is the latest deal that Disney struck with epic games - sure this means Disney can put their IPs in games like Fortnite now or work with epic games to create a new expansive gaming universe for Disney, but  what’s really up for grabs is access to the unreal engine. Something that Disney has already used in the production of "The Mandalorian," where it was used for creating dynamic digital sets on massive LED walls, allowing for real-time manipulation during live production. This innovative approach enabled the filming team to capture complex visual effects shots with accurate lighting and reflections directly in-camera, significantly enhancing the filmmaking process.

An in-game game world designed for disney to immerse players in the metaverse

The Future of In-Game Advertising

In-game advertising is expected to grow significantly, with the global market projected to generate substantial revenue by 2028. Advertisers are recognizing the untapped potential of in-game spaces, leading to innovative uses of these platforms for advertising purposes.

This year marks a significant milestone in the evolution of console gaming and audience segmentation. With platforms like Roblox and others like Minecraft leading the way in redefining social interaction and gaming engines breaking new ground, the gaming industry is at the forefront of a digital revolution. 

Advertisers who can effectively leverage these changes stand to gain immensely, connecting with audiences in a more immersive, engaging, and meaningful way.

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Carlos Guevara is the Marketing Director at AGN and previous host of the podcast "In Search of Good Data." He has also helped various organizations in the private and non-profit sector to become more customer-centric with the use of enriched data and modern marketing and advertising technology and strategies.

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