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What is In-Game Audio Advertising?

A quick guide to jump starting your
In-Game Audio ad campaigns 

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What is In-Game Advertising?

In-game audio advertising enables brands to connect with gamers of all ages without interrupting gameplay and by using the power of audio across a network of popular gaming apps on mobile.

Mobile gaming in Canada continues to grow, with over 46% of Canadian gaming adults preferring to use the mobile device to game.  Because of this, mobile gaming apps have become a hot spot for in-game advertisements due to its large and engaged audience. However, traditional forms of in-game ads, such as video and display ads, have caused a nuisance for gamers who want to enjoy their game without interruptions. In-game audio ads, on the other hand, provides a non-intrusive way for brands to reach their audience and create a better gaming experience.

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The Product:

  • Length: 30 seconds maximum

    • 15-20 seconds recommended

  • Companion Banner: 320x50 and 300x250

Types of In-Game Audio:

Benefits of In-Game Audio

  • Rewarded

  • Skippable

  • User Initiated

  • Leverage audio assets in a new and growing landscape

  • Target users with visual and audio combined

  • Non-intrusive way to reach gamers

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The Future of Audio is In-Game:

Compared to the total online  population, both Gen Alpha and Gen Z invest more of their leisure time per week on video games. Video games are the top entertainment source for Gen Alpha and make the top 3 for Gen Z, following social networks and streaming movies/series.


This substantial dedication of time to gaming demonstrates just how important it is to these younger generations. Video games play an important role in the ongoing race for maintaining attention and engagement across entertainment platforms.

Audibility: How can we ensure In-Game Audio ads are being heard and will not disrupt other audio playing?

  • Audiomob/Apex is the only company globally that detects device volume on both iOS and Android

  • Ads are only served when the volume is over + 30%. Proprietary to Audiomob/Apex Mobile

  • Audio Passback If users are streaming audio, whilst using their app, we will reduce the volume so the ad can be heard. Proprietary to Audiomob/Apex Mobile

In-Game Audio Advertising Measurement and Targeting

  • Target audiences by demo, geo, device, carrier, contextually and behaviourally

  • Report on – Impressions, clicks, CTRs, LTRs, mutes, unmutes

  • MOAT, IAS and DV

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Ready To Start Your First In-Game Audio Ad?

Learn more about In-Game 
Audio Ads

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In-Game Audio Advertising Benchmarks

  • LTRs: 80%

  • CTRs: 0.50%

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